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Meaningful Partnership at Work

November 2, 2021

Why are some work partnerships exceptional while most are not? How can we establish and sustain an enhanced level of cohesion, connection, and collaboration in the most important work relationship, the one between a manager and team? What could remedy the high levels of isolation and anxiety so many feel at work these days?

Drs. Silver and Franz will present concepts from their forthcoming book, Meaningful Partnership at Work (2022) where they explore the concept of ‘meaningful partnership’ in the workplace. They first present meaningful partnership as a mindset where both leaders and their teams are fully committed to ensuring the support and success of the other. Then, they will describe a model called ‘ERTAP’, which stands for Empathy, Respect, Trust, Alignment, and Partnership, which is the foundation for meaningful partnership. Finally, they will detail a practical yet transformative partnership-building process referred to as the Workplace Covenant. This process enables leaders and teams to create mutual commitments with obligatory weight that help them to feel accountable for the success of the relationship and each other.

Silver and Franz will provide some real client examples to illustrate the dimensions of partnership and the Workplace Covenant process. They will also outline other work relationships that can benefit from meaningful partnership, pitfalls to avoid, relevant research, and insights derived from years of consulting experience.

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